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Breaking News- Israeli Ethiopians

January 29, 2013

            So, in breaking world news, Israel has admitted to giving birth control shots to its Ethiopian residents without their knowledge. 

            I don’t even know what to say.  Most of the Ethiopians living in Israel are Jewish.  This pretty much conclusively proves that Israel’s discriminatory practices against their own immigrants and against the Palestinians have little to do with religion and everything to do with racism. 

            The other thing to point out is that Israel practicing eugenics is… supremely ironic.  I mean, it is ironic and hypocritical when Israel is coercing and mistreating the Palestinian people, and then reminding the world of their own mistreatment during the Holocaust.  But this… the Nazi regime is very famous for their active practice of eugenics, and for Israel to be using the very same tactics on Ethiopians who share the same faith as them…I am speechless.

            Until recently, the country I lived in, Canada, did not side with Israel.  They did not actively side with Palestine, but they did not side with Israel.  This position has changed, with our very own Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Because of him, Canada became one of the countries—which were in the minority— that voted against recognizing the State of Palestine.  I feel ashamed that the international reputation of the country I live in was blemished on that day.  Palestinian protests now include signs that say ‘Down with Harper’ and ‘Down with Canada’. 

            We, as Canadians, need to become a much louder voice in opposition to Israel’s policies, because otherwise it’s not that things will never change, but rather things will continue to get much much worse for the millions that daily face oppression from Israel.

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