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Catch the Wind (Donovan)

October 8, 2012


As Miriam said, this month we’re posting songs that cheer us up, make us less stressed, and help us forget that it’s cold outside. So here’s one of my all time favourites.

This song made me feel nostalgic the first time I heard it. That was a long time ago, and it now invokes a sense of home regardless of where I am in the world; it has had such a constant presence in my life that nostalgia has been replaced with comfort.

It’s a cheesy song. Except- if you listen carefully, it’s actually an expression of hopeless pragmatism partially shielded by a harmonica and an acoustic guitar. It distinguishes itself from other love songs of its era by adding a subtle, melancholy layer to a genre usually characterized by uncomplicated joy.

I love that I can make up a keyboard accompaniment for this song using only three chords. Defending it to sceptical music connoisseurs is one of my preferred pastimes.

And that’s all I’ll say, before I get myself into too much trouble.

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