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Another Perspective on Islam

May 22, 2012

Distorted Images, by Humda Malik

There’s never been a paper I couldn’t sell,

discussed, reported,

image distorted but always noted.

I’m the concocted headline,

the exaggerated main event.

Reality just doesn’t cut it,

not worth 2 cents.

The media’s my sick lover,

clocking me in cover to cover.

I’m sayin’ Salaam,

they’re callin’ me a con,

no peace of mind,

everywhere you look its hate that you find.

I’m statin’ clear and true,

I’m a Muslim through and through,

now don’t get in a panic,

I’m not that manic.

Not O’Reilly’s crazed stereotype,

no substance and all hype.

Note this head gear, my saving grace,

but wait, the press is makin’ a different case.

They’re shoutin’ and hollerin’,

I must be cracked for this belief that I’m following.

Drop that tool of oppression! Get rid of that male suppression!

Who said I’m owned by a man?

Allah is my ultimate keeper,

but they’re pullin’ me in deeper and deeper.

Now the Man’s on my case,

it started in France and now it’s a race.

They’re passin’ laws,

confining me with their tight worded clause.

No room for reasonable accommodation,

the hijab is not a part of their nation.

But it’s them who is flawed!

The hijab is no foreign notion,

their minds are warped by this constructed commotion.

They’re sayin’ the Muslim man is a freak,

if he can’t control you then you’ll get beat.

Apparently domestic violence only comes my way,

but I know better.

If only every woman could have her say,

a globe of tears would bemoan,

that the Muslim woman is not alone.

A tight fisted man, ain’t nothin’ but wrong.

He is without religion or creed,

never actin with mercy, never takin’ heed.

Now I see them sit and deliberate,

figurin’ out how to save face.

Islam is hate, yes they say!

This is the Muslim’s ultimate fate.

Headlines shout the Muslim terror,

everyone beware!

Now I was never competently schooled,

but my mama didn’t raise a fool.

Many a man used God’s name

to wage wars for their personal gain.

History isn’t black or white,

it’s murky and without blessed light.

Do you think Saddam knew Allah?

A man who worshiped himself,

pictures and statues displayin’ his wealth?

And the corpses marked across the land,

for he killed defyin’ God’s command.

The frenzied crowd shouts and cries,

for Allah we will kill, for Allah we will die.

Fools, pitiful fools!

Ignorant of Islam,

becomin’ the ultimate pawn.

Open your hearts, open your mind,

in the Quran, it’s love that you will find.

Muhammed, whom I love,

my beloved who Allah blessed,

Taught peace and nothing less.

Witness the Islam in that righteous soul

and all the hate will cease to hold.

But that doesn’t sell,

the editors know that all too well.

Stop editin’ Islam,

look to the original scripture and all illusions will be gone

The media generates fear,

it picks and chooses what you hear.

Be wary of that crafted word,

the doubtful whisper often heard.

The soul can often see what the mind refuses to believe.

The truth is deeper than the text,

today it’s me, tomorrow you’ll be next.

But don’t take my words as proof, look to the maker for the ultimate truth.


The author, Humda Malik, has  generously allowed me to publish this poem both on Atlas Smiles and on, a blog that talks more about my work with Muslim communities.  I hear this frustration with Western media expressed on an almost daily basis by many of the people I work with. What are people’s thoughts on how the media misrepresents the truth?  We’d love to hear!

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